Evolutionary Biologics, headquartered in New Jersey and boasting a global presence, has been a leader in the industry for four years under the guidance of CEO Jim Morrison, renowned for his 40 years of experience in health, beauty, and wellness industry. At EvoBio, our mission revolves around crafting the safest and most efficacious cellular products through meticulous processes, ensuring unparalleled external beauty and internal wellness. Operating from our FDA-certified ISO 5 Lab, we utilize the most potent perinatal tissue as a source, derived from voluntarily donated tissue from planned cesarean sections. Our products undergo aseptic manufacturing in a controlled environment, adhering to the highest quality controls for safety, purity, and efficacy. We invite you to discover the “EvoBio difference” and explore our innovative solutions. Stay updated and book personalized consultations with EvoBio, where cellular beauty meets cutting-edge science.





Jim Morrison is considered by many to be one of the leading beauty and personal care strategists in the world, as well as one of the top executives. For over four decades he has created some of the most celebrated brands and products in the personal care space including the marketing campaigns that drive those products. He has most recently been C.E.O. of Apollo Biowellness, the parent company of Evolutionary Biologics. Prior to Emergent, Morrison launched and was C.E.O. of StarShop, which was the first celebrity driven video shopping app., launched in a partnership with SPRINT. His track record of leadership and accomplishment in the beauty space has been unparalleled.

Morrison was President of L’Oreal for 10 years. He was responsible for many acquisitions including both Redken and Matrix, and top line growth which averaged over 20% during his tenure. Prior to L’Oreal Morrison was President and C.E.O. of Graham Webb one of the most successful start-ups in the hair care space.  After leaving L’Oreal Morrison was C.E.O. and owner of Sexy Hair Concepts for four years. In 2006 Business Week Magazine wrote, “Over the last two decades Mr. Morrison has had a profound impact on the American Beauty Industry. In the industry’s history no other executive has had the level of financial responsibility or breadth of organizational experience as Jim. His devotion to, and success within the industry is unmatched.”



As the National Director of Sales, Viktorija Ivinskas brings many years of demonstrated diverse leadership in sales, that merges  a collaborative mindset with her passion for science and innovation. Prior to joining  the regenerative medicine and biotechnology industries, she was successfully overseeing and managing a portfolio of luxury brands in the beauty and wellness sector for some of the biggest players in the industry. Her strength in business development and ability to cultivate long lasting relationships has helped her stand out in the most competitive sales environments. As an experienced sales executive, Viktorija found inspiration in cutting-edge biologics.  Because of her athletic background Viktorija immersed herself in scientific evidence on how to slow aging, reverse injuries and help the body heal in the most natural and holistic ways. 

At Evolutionary Biologics, Viktorija Ivinskas is responsible for managing the internal sales teams as well as distribution channels, and works closely with scientists, medical professionals as well as sales executives to help deliver more advanced, innovative, safe, and efficacious regenerative solutions to clinics. 





Dr. Melinda Lacerna is a Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon from Bradenton, Florida, USA. She went to medical school at the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine, graduating in 1998, and completed her General Surgery training at Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles in 2003, and her Plastic Surgery training at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005. She is in solo private practice and owns LA Plastic Surgery and The Skin Plasma Center clinic, LA Skin Spa and Elite Aesthetic Surgery Center. She has been in practice for over 18 years and specializes in facial plastic surgery and skin resurfacing. She is the author of “Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing” Chapter of the 9th edition of Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery, a classic plastic surgery textbook with worldwide distribution. She is co-editor and author of “The Skin Book”, a comprehensive textbook of skin and procedures written by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons (work in progress). She has numerous publications including “Consensus paper on helium RF plasma resurfacing” and is currently working on the manuscripts for accepted abstracts of the following titles: “Minimally Invasive browlift with helium rf plasma”, “No more ectropion: Scarless, no incision lower eyelid blepharoplasty with helium rf plasma”, “Safety and Efficacy of combining deep plasma resurfacing with facelifts: 7-year experience of over 100 cases”.



Dr. Michael Ellis, DO, is clinically trained, and licensed in internal medicine. He did his undergraduate studies at Penn State and earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He went to earn his medical degree at the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg Virginia. Dr. Michael Ellis completed his internal medicine residency at Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark New Jersey. Dr. Ellis also worked in multiple hospitals and after working as a front-line medical provider during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dr. he turned his focus to wellness and aesthetics. He spends time educating his patients on the importance of health optimization. In addition to offering the most advanced and expensive list of aesthetic and wellness treatments in Monmouth County at Keep Glowing Medical Spa, Dr. Mike serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the NFL Alumni Performance Labs (NFLAPL), and Chief Executive Officer of Evou Body Contouring.



Dr. Kendrick Heywood, a native of Miami, is an accomplished medical professional dedicated to developing cutting-edge regenerative treatments to help clients optimize their longevity and enhance their quality of life. As a health and wellness expert, Dr. Heywood has successfully assisted thousands of patients through innovative treatments and therapies meticulously designed to yield positive outcomes.

Dr. Heywood graduated cum laude from the University of Florida and continued his medical education at their esteemed College of Medicine. He honed his expertise at Miami’s renowned Jackson Memorial Internal Medicine Unit, where he first developed an interest in functional medicine. After completing his residency, Dr. Heywood fully transitioned to functional medicine, laying the foundation for a career focused on addressing the root causes of age-related issues.

Dr. Heywood served as the former Chief Medical Officer of Healthgains and Gainswave, where he performed over 10,000 ED procedures and trained over 400 medical providers in Gainswave techniques. His work has significantly benefited patients with diabetes, neuropathy, prostate cancer, and other conditions affecting erectile function. Additionally, he was an author and innovator at Gainswave, contributing to the advancement of treatments in this field.

Currently, Dr. Heywood is involved in developing the next generation of age management and regenerative therapies while maintaining a daily practice. He is a professionally trained and licensed provider of results-based age management therapies and is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


EXO ELIXIR™ is a Polypeptide Enriched Media derived from Dermal Fibroblast Stem Cells for smoother glowing skin.

EVO GRO™ MSC Extracellular Vesicles are derived from Wharton’s Jelly with over 300 growth and regrowth factors.

EXO RNA™ is sourced from Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) and offers superior regenerative benefits for the body.